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I posted this video on YouTube a few months ago. I’m still amazed at how much stuff it filters out with such a simple system.

I was considering adding a swirl filter to the system but I’m really glad I chose this type. It seems to work much better than a swirl filter and is easy to maintain.

About a month ago, the supports under the filter broke and the whole thing fell onto the ground. The fix was easy and only one pvc pipe fitting was broken.

I also am grateful of the design of my system being one that will not totally drain the fish tank or the system when a failure occurs. The pump simply stops when the water gets too low and everything stays wet and waiting for my repair.

I found this on my tablet and decided to post it.
I know it is not current (it’s August 2013 now). But it shows the progress of the system in just a few weeks from the planting.

Most of the crops have run their course for the summer and the output was fantastic. The Romain Lettuce was nearly 36″ tall at one point. My family had difficulty eating enough to keep up with the output.

The tomatoes, bell peppers and okra are still producing but nearing the end of the cycle. I will be replanting in the next few weeks assuming I can find the time.

I am very pleased with the results of the aquaponics garden. The taste of the lettuce is far above store purchased products. Although there were a few problems with pests, most of them were easy to control if caught early.

Enjoy the video, I will be posting more when I do my fall planting.