And now the real fun begins… Maybe

Sunday, March 31, 2013

I’ve had the Aquaponics system up and running (water flowing) for over a week now.  In that time, the night time temperatures dipped to around 32 degrees several times.  To protect the plants I had to cover the plants in the tubes and growbeds with plastic over the tops.

This seemed to work pretty well but I did loose some leaves and two plants that were questionable even before the cold.

I had to make a few adjustments in the lower grow bed/filter.  The filter was raised about 10″ above the sump tank.  This was not as efficient as I wanted so I lowered it about 6″ and the flow from the fish tank is much better.

Today, I decided it is time to add fish but I had not decided what kind to use.  Just to get my feet wet (ha ha) I decided to use the great resource all around my property, the Pearl River.  I took my tank simmer net and went down to the river’s edge and scooped up about 20 small minnows.  I’m not sure what kind of fish they are but these will do just to see how fish handle the water.

Here is a photo of them in my tank.
Hopefully, they will survive with my experimental system.


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