Update June 2022

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

I recently had someone ask about how my Aquaponics Garden was doing and I referred them to my site.
To my surprise, most of the images had been removed by an update to the site and I had to relink most of them and a few were lost.

It is amazing that my garden has been operating with almost no issues for over 10 years.
Each season I harvest a lot of Lettuce, Kale, Bock Choy, Tomatoe, and other crops as I desire to attempt.

I found that using fish in the tanks was not a great idea for me.
I became ‘friends’ with the fish and could not eat them when they grew. I ended up raising them and feeding them for months and then releasing them into the river beside my property.

Because of not being able to eat the fish I decided to start using ‘Fish Fertilizer’ instead of stocking fish in the tanks. I purchase the Fish Fertilizer from the local store and also use Iron Chelate with an occasional treament of Epson Salt or a few other fertilizers. This has not affected my harvests and is a lot less problems that raising fish.

I still have a pump that needs replacement about once a year but that expense if minimal.

I have purchased property on a beach and will be selling this property and moving to the beach in a year. I’m sure I will have another aquaponics garden (or similar to this one).

If anyone would like to purchase a beautiful 6.5 acre property on the river with a working aquaponic garden, let me know. LOL

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