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Fish Tank Slab Form

Fish Tank Slab Form

After the first slab was complete most of my energy left my body in the form of sweat.

95+ degrees in the Louisiana Swamp will do that.

I did not mention that I live in / near the Honey Island Swamp. The area is beautiful but sometimes very hot and humid. If the heat does not get you the mosquitoes will try to take up the slack. Lucky for me, I’m part Cherokee Indian and mosquitoes seem to not like the way I taste. They still bite but are not as agressive toward me as they are on the pale face visitors.

Today I will setup and dry pour the second slab. I’m showing this so others can see how easy / hard it is. Some may think they can’t do it or can’t afford concrete to be done by a contractor. But using this method it is easy.

Here is a picture of the fish tank form. I’ve already cleared and leveled the area.

Notice the ‘elevator’ in the back.  This was an old pallet lift i rescued. It makes bringing groceries upstairs easy.

The area for the concrete I poured yesterday is to the left in this pictue about 40 feet away.