Creating an AquaBiotic Garden

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Water is life and Life is Water!!!
Water is life and Life is Water!!!

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This blog will be a journal of my project to create an aquaponic garden on my property.

What is this and why did I name it that instead of aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (growing fish or water creatures), and hydroponics (growing plants in water).  This is an appropriate name for the process.  However, I like to be a little different from the crowd so I started looking for some thing a little different and came up with the name AquaBiotic.

I like to think about the name as meaning several things:

Aqua meaning water.
Biotic meaning living things.
When combined we have Water of Life or Living Water.

I kind of like that because the water is alive with nutients and living creatures that feed the plants that grow in it.  The plants ‘pay-back’ the water by adding nutrients and removing harmful things from the water.  So the fish, plants and water all work together to make a system of growing living water.

The idea of creating an aquaponics garden has come and gone many times in the last few years.  It was not until I became very concerned about food and the condition of the available food supply that I decided to take it more seriously and try to actually grow my own food.

I’ve had small gardens in the past but they always ended up requiring more work than I had time. The garden would end up suffering and end up as a weed patch in the yard.  I know that is just an excuse but the gardens would seldom last more than one season.

I’m getting near retirement age and I think it is time to look to creating something that will help prolong and improve my later years.  I know that nutrition is a very important consideration at all ages but with new aches and pains everyday it seems much more important now.  As a result of that I have become an avid homemade juicer.  I make a delicious vegetable juice that I drink at least once a day.

Juicing is not only very healthy, it is very expensive.  The price of organically grown or naturally grown fruit and vegetables is getting harder to find and more expensive every day.  It seems as if most of the offerings in the grocery are either of poor quaility or loaded with artificial insecticides and/or additives.  I know growing my own produce will require some work but I’m willing to do that for better food quaility.  Also, maintaining a garden will allow me to be active doing something I can enjoy and see the results of my labor.

So the journey begins:
I will be posting pictures and videos of the entire process from start to finish during the creation process.  I know I have a lot to learn about aquaponics but I love challenges.  I’m sure I will make lots of mistakes and hopefully I will not hide too many of them from the blog by admitting my errors that others going down the same path can benefit from my inexperience.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please post them so we can all enjoy the journey.

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